Pregnancy Over 45

There are growing numbers of women in their 40′s enjoying pregnancy. These are most often women who have chosen to wait to have children. There are many considerations that factor into pregnancy over 45. Women well into their 30′s can face difficulties conceiving. This is why women between the ages of 35-45 often struggle in this process.

Although there are common age-related reasons for infertility, it is possible for women who are over 45 to become pregnant. There is so much that can be done to increase fertility in both men and women. Researching this topic is one of the first things that women should do. There is a lot of information available about pregnancy over 45. In decades past, it was not as popular to get pregnant at this age.

In those times, women were opting to get married sooner and to have children sooner. Some reasons for this involve educational outlooks and career options. Today is not strange to hear of women who want to wait for motherhood. Women in this category, however, must understand not only the difficulties of late pregnancies.

They must also understand the risks often involved in this consideration. Technology in medicine and fertility has made this goal more achievable. Each woman will face her own particular issues and challenges in pregnancy over 45. Looking at the topics related to this issue will help you to determine what this journey will be like.

There are age-related fertility problems

It is important to remember that there are age-related fertility problems. There are numerous reasons associated with conception difficulties. A decreased number of eggs are just one of these problems. As a woman ages her number of viable eggs often decreases. This limits a woman over the age of 45 in chances to become pregnant. Another common problem is hormone changes. This is a natural change for most women around this age. These changes could present a barrier in the process of conceiving. Fertility options, however, have made women in this group likely to become pregnant.

Some risks follow pregnancy over 45

There are risks involved with becoming pregnant over the age of 45. These risks affect not only the child, but the mother as well. Birth defects are commonly associated with children born to older women. Downs’ Syndrome is one example of the issues related to late pregnancies. Miscarriage issues are also related to pregnancy over 45. Numbers of miscarriages tend to increase for these women. Some women will find that they develop health conditions because of late pregnancies. High blood pressure and diabetes are two examples of these health conditions.

Ways to increase pregnancy chances

Women of different age groups face problems with conceiving. This is not an issue that is primarily related to age. Pregnancy over 45 does present its own set of challenges though. Women in this particular age group should look for ways to increase their chances. Some of these ways will be practical and easy to achieve. Dietary choices, for example, are essential to making conception easier. This simply means that consuming the right foods can benefit your chances. Folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium are very important for women. There are certain foods and drinks that women need to eliminate or to limit. Caffeine is one component to limit both before and after becoming pregnant.

Fertility options to consider

Struggling with fertility can be difficult. Women generally find that they require the assistance of fertility specialists. There are many options available to these women. These fertility treatment options will depend in each individual case. Fertility medications are often used to address problems with conception. Follicle stimulating hormone drugs or FSH are prescribed for some women. Alternative fertility methods are commonly used as well. These methods include acupuncture, chiropractic care, and herbal medicines. Medical techniques for infertility issues are highly popular for late pregnancies. In Vitro Fertilization and Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer are two of the techniques that are often performed.

Patience is definitely one of the important criteria involved with pregnancy over 45. Every woman will experience a different time period where conception is concerned. Some will find that getting pregnant is much easier than others. There may be a number of fertility procedures required to become pregnant. Time and money are necessary to enjoy the benefits of these procedures.

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